Christol S Mantzoros

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BACKGROUND Although human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-related morbidity and mortality rates in patients with advanced HIV infection who are treated with combination antiretroviral drugs have declined, significant metabolic adverse effects associated with these regimens have been increasingly recognized. However, since data from patients studied before and(More)
Extraosseous epidural tuberculoma has been reported infrequently, in spite of the widespread availability in recent years of computerized axial tomography and magnetic resonance imaging that can detect bony involvement not apparent on roentgenography with plain films. Thirty-two cases of extraosseous epidural tuberculoma have been reported in the(More)
The incidence of bloodstream infections caused by Candida species is rising. Few published studies have compared the efficacy of fluconazole with that of amphotericin B. We performed a meta-analysis of the prospective studies that compared fluconazole and amphotericin B for the treatment of candidaemia in adults. Data on total mortality,(More)
Adiponectin and resistin's possible roles in weight regulation have received little attention. We tested the hypothesis that adipokine levels predict future weight gain in women in the Nurses' Health Study. Among women who provided blood samples in 1990, we studied 1,063 women who did not develop diabetes ("healthy") and 984 women who subsequently developed(More)
The use of highly active anti-retroviral therapy has been associated with effects on various metabolic and morphological parameters that are underlied by significant hormonal and cytokine changes. Novel adipokines may have a role in the pathogenesis of these changes. In fact, leptin deficiency and hypoadiponectinemia correlate with lipoatrophy and central(More)
Insulin resistance is a common feature of ovarian stromal hyperthecosis and is usually accompanied by hyperandrogenemia. A patient had ovarian stromal hyperthecosis, and her hyperandrogenemia resolved, possibly due to the development of a type of ovarian fibrosis similar to so-called ovarian fibromatosis, without a concomitant improvement in her insulin(More)
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