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Testing avian compass calibration: comparative experiments with diurnal and nocturnal passerine migrants in South Sweden
ABSTRACT Cue-conflict experiments were performed to study the compass calibration of one predominantly diurnal migrant, the dunnock (Prunella modularis), and two species of nocturnal passerineExpand
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Immediate responses in soil chemistry, vegetation and ground beetles to soil perturbation when implemented as a restoration measure in decalcified sandy grassland
The species-rich calcareous grassland communities in Europe are gradually disappearing due to lack of management such as grazing or cultivation, resulting in decalcification and reduction of gaps inExpand
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Molecular characterisation of three avian haemoproteids (Haemosporida, Haemoproteidae), with the description of Haemoproteus (Parahaemoproteus) palloris n. sp.
DNA barcoding (molecular characterisation) is a useful tool for describing the taxonomy and systematics of organisms. Over 250 species of avian haemosporidian parasites have been described usingExpand
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Soil disturbance favours threatened beetle species in sandy grasslands
Soil disturbance is recognised as an important restoration measure for conserving biodiversity in sandy soils. We used a soil disturbance (ploughing) experiment in a sandy grassland as well as aExpand
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Autumn migratory orientation and displacement responses of two willow warbler subspecies (Phylloscopus trochilus trochilus and P. t. acredula) in South Sweden
Topography and historical range expansion has formed a so-called migratory divide between two subspecies of willow warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus) in central Scandinavia. The autumn migratoryExpand
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