Christoffer P Nielsen

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Although China has surpassed the United States as the world's largest carbon dioxide emitter, in situ measurements of atmospheric CO 2 have been sparse in China. This paper analyzes hourly CO 2 and its correlation with CO at Miyun, a rural site near Beijing, over a period of 51 months (Dec 2004 through Feb 2009). The CO 2-CO correlation analysis evaluated(More)
A sequence of 3 patches of high-density (10 12 m −3) cold plasma on a horizontal scale-size of 300– 700 km was observed near magnetic noon by the EISCAT VHF radar above Svalbard on 17 December 2001. The patches followed a trajectory towards the cusp inflow region. The combination of radar and all-sky observations demonstrates that the patches must have been(More)
We present a sharp-interface model of two-dimensional ramified growth during quasisteady electrodeposition. Our model differs from previous modeling methods in that it includes the important effects of extended space-charge regions and nonlinear electrode reactions. The electrokinetics is described by a continuum model, but the discrete nature of the ions(More)
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