Christof Taxis

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Cytosolic and nuclear iron-sulfur (Fe-S) proteins are involved in many essential pathways including translation and DNA maintenance. Their maturation requires the cytosolic Fe-S protein assembly (CIA) machinery. To identify new CIA proteins we employed systematic protein interaction approaches and discovered the essential proteins Yae1 and Lto1 as binding(More)
Synthetic biology aims at manipulating biological systems by rationally designed and genetically introduced components. Efforts in photoactuator engineering resulted in microorganisms reacting to extracellular light-cues with various cellular responses. Some of them lead to the formation of macroscopically observable outputs, which can be used to generate(More)
Synthetic biology gave rise to microorganisms engineered to transform light cues to appropriate outputs to create images on living matter. Generation of such a image commonly requires enzymatic conversion of a colorless compound to a visible pigment. In yeast, this can be achieved by blocking the adenine biosynthesis pathway at a specific step: Fusing the(More)
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