Christof Rempel

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Representative microbial cultures from an oil reservoir and electrochemical techniques including potentiodynamic scan and linear polarization were used to investigate the time dependent corrosion rate associated with control of biogenic sulphide production through addition of nitrite, nitrate and a combination of nitrate-reducing, sulphide-oxidizing(More)
For integers m; d; D with m 3; d 2; and D 2, let T(m) be a 2{dimensional quadratic toroidal grid with side length m and let B(d;D) be the base d, dimension D de Bruijn graph; assume that jT(m)j = jB(d;D)j. The starting point for our investigations is the observation that, for m; D even, embeddings f : T(m) ! B(d; D) with load 1, expansion 1, and dilation(More)
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