Christof Pruss

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We present a simple and novel algorithm for the phase extraction from a single interferogram based on the spatial processing of interference patterns. This new evaluation procedure is suitable for application in environments where the presence of vibrations impedes the use of a classical phase-shifting interferometry scheme with multiple exposures. The(More)
Radially polarized beams with an output power of 275 W, M2=2.3 and an efficiency of about 52.5% were generated from an Yb:YAG thin-disk laser. An intra-cavity circular resonant waveguide grating was used as a polarization selective mirror inside the laser cavity. We report on the design and the fabrication using a scanning beam interference lithography(More)
A complete absolute interferometric test of axially symmetric aspheres is presented. The method is based on a specially designed computer-generated hologram (CGH) that reconstructs an aspherical wave as well as a spherical auxiliary wave. Since both phase functions have the same symmetry and their pattern is simultaneously encoded, we call this type of(More)
Hybrid optical elements that combine refractive and diffractive functionality are versatile components for all kinds of applications in imaging or metrology. In the past those elements were composed of a flat diffractive and a curved refractive surface. Fusing both functions in a single surface will enhance the capabilities of these optical components(More)
One common way to measure asphere and freeform surfaces is the interferometric Null test, where a computer generated hologram (CGH) is placed in the object path of the interferometer. If undetected phase errors are present in the CGH, the measurement will show systematic errors. Therefore the absolute phase of this element has to be known. This phase is(More)
We present a method for absolute testing of axicon surfaces in a null test setup. The absolute test exploits the symmetry of axicons, which allows us to introduce a shift of the surface under test in both the axial and rotational directions while still maintaining the null test condition. With two shifts of the surface under test and four measurements, the(More)
A novel non-null interferometer for the precise measurement of aspheric surfaces is presented. In contrast to a classical interferometer, where only one test wavefront is used, the proposed system makes use of multiple test beams propagating under different angles through the interferometer. This allows the measurement of aspheric surfaces in a very short(More)
The measurement of aspheric and free-form surfaces in a non-null test configuration has the advantage that no compensation optics is required. However, if a surface is measured in a non-null test configuration, retrace errors are introduced to the measurement. We describe a method to calibrate the test space of an interferometer, enabling to compensate(More)
A single-layer resonant-waveguide grating consisting of a sub-wavelength grating coupler etched into a waveguide is proposed in order to achieve high polarization and high spectral selectivity inside an Yb:YAG thin-disk laser resonator. The designed structure was fabricated with the help of a Lloyd's-mirror interference lithography setup followed by(More)