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Segmentation is an important process that is frequently used during development to segregate groups of cells with distinct features. Segmental compartments provide a mechanism for generating and organizing regional properties along an embryonic axis and within tissues. In vertebrates the development of two major systems, the hindbrain and the paraxial(More)
The zebrafish hoxd4a locus was compared to its murine ortholog, Hoxd4. The sequence of regulatory elements, including a DR5 type retinoic acid response element (RARE) required for Hoxd4 neural enhancer activity, are highly conserved. Additionally, zebrafish and mouse neural enhancers function identically in transgenic mouse embryos. We tested whether(More)
The antero-posterior (AP) and dorso-ventral (DV) patterning of the neural tube is controlled in part by HOX and PAX transcription factors, respectively. We have reported on a neural enhancer of Hoxd4 that directs expression in the CNS with the correct anterior border in the hindbrain. Comparison to the orthologous enhancer of zebrafish revealed seven(More)
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