Christof Markus. Aegerter

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We study diamagnetically levitated foams with widely different liquid fractions. Due to the levitation, drainage is effectively suppressed and the dynamics is driven by the coarsening of the foam bubbles. For dry foams, the bubble size is found to increases as the square root of foam age, as expected from a generalized von Neumann law. At higher liquid(More)
We present an approach to measure the angular dependence of the diffusely scattered intensity of a multiple scattering sample in backscattering geometry. Increasing scattering strength give rise to an increased width of the coherent backscattering and sets higher demands on the angular detection range. This is of particular interest in the search for the(More)
Diffusive wave transport in three-dimensional media should show a phase transition, with increasing disorder, to a state without transport. This transition was first discussed by Anderson 1 in the context of the metal-insulator transition, but is generic for all waves, as was realized later2,3. However, the quest for the eXPerimental demonstration of(More)
– Although conservation of energy is fundamental in physics, its principles seem to be violated in the field of wave propagation in turbid media by the energy enhancement of the coherent backscattering cone. In this letter we present experimental data which show that the energy enhancement of the cone is balanced by an energy cutback at all scattering(More)
– Anderson localisation predicts a phase transition in transport, where the diffuse spread of particles comes to a halt with the introduction of a critical amount of disorder. This is due to constructive interference on closed multiple scattering loops which leads to a renormalisation of the diffusion coefficient. This can be described by a slowing-down of(More)
We present a two-dimensional system that exhibits features of self-organized criticality. The avalanches that occur on the surface of a pile of rice are found to exhibit finite size scaling in their probability distribution. The critical exponents are tau=1.21(2) for the avalanche size distribution and D=1.99(2) for the cutoff size. Furthermore, the(More)
In practical applications of computed tomography (CT) imaging, due to the risk of high radiation dose imposed on the patients, it is desired that high quality CT images can be accurately reconstructed from limited projection data. While with limited projections, the images reconstructed often suffer severe artifacts and the edges of the objects are blurred.(More)
Two-photon laser scanning microscopy has revolutionized the ability to delineate cellular and physiological function in acutely isolated tissue and in vivo. However, there exist barriers for many laboratories to acquire two-photon microscopes. Additionally, if owned, typical systems are difficult to modify to rapidly evolving methodologies. A potential(More)
In the study of developmental biology, the physical properties and constraints of the developing tissues are of great importance. In spite of this, not much is known about the elastic properties of biologically relevant tissues that are studied in biology labs. Here, we characterize properties of the wing imaginal disc of Drosophila, which is a precursor(More)