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ICE: A Robust Framework for Learning Invariants
We introduce ICE, a robust learning paradigm for synthesizing invariants, that learns using examples, counter-examples, and implications, and show that it admits honest teachers and strongly
Deterministic Automata on Unranked Trees
It is shown that for an appropriate definition of bottom-up deterministic automata it is possible to minimize the number of states efficiently and to obtain a unique canonical representative of the accepted tree language.
Alternating Automata and Logics over Infinite Words
We give a uniform treatment of the logical properties of alternating weak automata on infinite strings, extending and refining work of Muller, Saoudi, and Schupp (1984) and Kupferman and Vardi
Visibly Pushdown Games
The class of visibly pushdown languages has been recently defined as a subclass of context-free languages with desirable closure properties and tractable decision problems and it is established that, unlike pushdown games with pushdown winning conditions, visibly push down games are decidable and are 2Exptime-complete.
Transforming structures by set interpretations
This paper investigates the expressive power of finite sets interpretations applied to infinite deterministic trees and finds that they can be used in the study of automatic and tree-automatic structures.
Solving the Sabotage Game Is PSPACE-Hard
The PSPACE-hardness of the sabotage game is established and a modal logic over changing models to express tasks corresponding to the sabotage games is introduced and it is shown that model checking this logic is PSPace-complete.
Model Checking and Satisfiability for Sabotage Modal Logic
It is shown that the formula complexity and the program complexity are linear, resp.
Reachability Problems on Regular Ground Tree Rewriting Graphs
  • Christof Löding
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Theory of Computing Systems
  • 1 April 2006
A fragment of temporal logic with a decidable model-checking problem for the class of regular ground tree rewriting graphs is defined and it is shown that the problems whether all paths starting in t eventually reach T are undecidable.
Regular Cost Functions over Finite Trees
The theory of regular cost functions over finite trees is developed, aquantitative extension to the notion of regular languages of trees, and nondeterministic and alternating finite tree cost automata for describing cost functions are introduced.