Christof K. Biebricher

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BACKGROUND Many attempts have been made to describe the origin of life, one of which is Eigen's cycle of autocatalytic reactions [Eigen M (1971) Naturwissenschaften 58, 465-523], in which primordial life molecules are replicated with limited accuracy through autocatalytic reactions. For successful evolution, the information carrier (either RNA or DNA or(More)
Motivated by RNA secondary-structure folding-landscapes based on computer algorithms we construct a mathematical framework which provides a comprehensive and coherent description of evolutionary dynamics. In this paper we study the evolutionary dynamics of a population of self-replicating RNA molecules with autocat-alytic interactions (hypercycles and(More)
Using methods of statistical physics, we present rigorous theoretical calculations of Eigen's quasispecies theory with the truncated fitness landscape which dramatically limits the available sequence space of a reproducing quasispecies. Depending on the mutation rates, we observe three phases, a selective one, an intermediate one with some residual order(More)
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