Christof Ebert

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The success of any product depends on the skills and competence of the product manager. This article evaluates the relevance of good product management on the success of a product. The empirical study is supported by data from 178 industry projects from telecommunication industry over a period of three years throughout which the product management role and(More)
There are important legal aspects involved in using open source software in commercial products. Here are answers to common questions on how to handle these issues to mitigate risk. The use of open source software in industrial products is growing rapidly because its many advantages are well known. However although we in industry understand liability and(More)
Software engineering involves people collaborating to develop better software. Collaboration is challenging, especially across time zones and without face-to-face meetings. We therefore use collaboration tools all along the product life cycle to let us work together, stay together, and achieve results together. This article summarizes experiences and trends(More)
Practically all industry studies on software project results conclude that good requirements engineering plays a pivotal role for successful projects. A key reason for project failures is insufficient management of changing requirements during all stages of the project life cycle. This article investigates one of the root causes for changing requirements,(More)