Christo Frank Devaraj

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Reducing energy consumption is an important issue for data centers. Among the various components of a data center, storage is one of the biggest consumers of energy. Previous studies have shown that the average idle period for a server disk in a data center is very small compared to the time taken to spin down and spin up. This significantly limits the(More)
This paper proposes a framework to translate certain subclasses of differential equation systems into practical protocols for distributed systems. The generated protocols are intended for large-scale distributed systems that contain several hundreds to thousands of processes. The synthesized protocols are state machines containing probabilistic transitions(More)
We propose localized and decentralized protocols to construct and maintain an underlay for sensor networks. An underlay lies in between overlay operations (e.g., data indexing, multicast, etc.) and the sensor network itself. Specifically, an underlay bridges the gap between (a) the unreliability of sensor nodes and communication and availability of only(More)
We describe the design and implementation of a toolkit to automatically generate C code for distributed protocols derived from a subclass of differential equations. The toolkit generates compilable C code. The code can be run directly over any socket implementation, as well as within a simulator we have created for debugging and testing. The toolkit also(More)
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