Christo B Zhelyazkov

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There is an increased scientific interest in cognitive impairments caused by brain tumors during the last decade. It has lead to the introduction and routine clinical usage of neuropsychological test batteries in brain tumor patients, thus making them an important clinical measure for the assessment of the efficacy of the different treatment regimens such(More)
OBJECTIVE To present the results from the clinical presentation, the imaging diagnostics, surgery and postoperative status of 17 patients with cervical spine metastases, to analyse all data and make the respective conclusions and compare them with the available data in the literature. PATIENTS AND METHODS The study analysed data obtained by patients with(More)
Image-guided spinal surgery is becoming increasingly popular because it allows surgeons to achieve minimal invasiveness and maximum precision in the performed procedures. We present our initial experience with two cases operated on using O-arm-based spinal navigation at the Clinic of Neurosurgery in St George University Hospital, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In the(More)
We report on a case of a 47-year-old female patient with a long history of low back pain irradiating bilaterally to the legs. Twenty days before admission to our clinic, she had developed progressive weakness in the legs, more pronounced on the left side. The initial neurological examination revealed signs of damage to both the cauda equina and the spinal(More)
Spontaneous spondylodiscitis is a rare but serious infectious disease which is a combination of an inflammatory process, involving one or more adjacent vertebral bodies (spondylitis), the intervertebral discs (discitis) and finally - the neighboring neural structures. In most cases the condition is due to a hematogenous infection and can affect all regions(More)
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