Christine de Pasquale

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Slow-clearing, tumor-targeting proteins such as monoclonal antibodies typically exhibit high tumor accumulation but low tissue contrast, whereas intermediate-sized proteins such as scFvs show faster clearance but only moderate tumor accumulation. For both, tumor targeting does not seem to improve further above an optimal affinity. We show here that with(More)
INTRODUCTION The most successful clinical studies of immunotherapy in patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) use the antibody rituximab (RTX) targeting CD20(+) B-cell tumors. Rituximab radiolabeled with β(-) emitters could potentiate the therapeutic efficacy of the antibody by virtue of the particle radiation. Here, we report on a direct radiolabeling(More)
Translational regulation of HPV16 E7 mRNA is of particular interest since the viral E7 protein has oncogenic activity. Here we report that additional supplementation of cell-free reticulocyte/wheat-germ translation systems with rat liver tRNA pool favors the expression of the viral oncoprotein E7 which otherwise is scarcely translatable. The translational(More)
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