Christine Y Tseng

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BACKGROUND Previous studies of a cohort of rubber hydrochloride workers indicated an association between benzene exposure and excess mortality from leukemia and multiple myeloma. To determine whether risks remain elevated with increasing time since plant shutdown, we extended follow-up from 1981 through 1996. MATERIALS AND METHODS We evaluated risk using(More)
Various combinations of interventions were used to phase-delay circadian rhythms to correct their misalignment with night work and day sleep. Young participants (median age = 22, n = 67) participated in 5 consecutive simulated night shifts (2300 to 0700) and then slept at home (0830 to 1530) in darkened bedrooms. Participants wore sunglasses with normal or(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To assess performance, alertness, and mood during the night shift and subsequent daytime sleep in relation to the degree of re-alignment (re-entrainment) of circadian rhythms with a night-work, day-sleep schedule. DESIGN Subjects spent 5 consecutive night shifts (11:00 pm-7:00 am) in the lab and slept at home in darkened bedrooms (8:30(More)
OBJECTIVES Our purpose was to evaluate the maternal and fetal cardiovascular effects of maternally administered methamphetamine and to determine the extent of placental transfer. STUDY DESIGN Seven near-term pregnant sheep were surgically instrumented to measure maternal and fetal blood pressure and heart rate, cardiac output, uterine flow, and umbilical(More)
Codeine and morphine pharmacokinetics among different CYP2D6 genotypes was compared in this study. Polymerase chain reaction tests were used to determine CYP2D6 genotypes in leukocyte deoxyribonucleic acid in 32 unrelated volunteers. Based on the genotypes, subjects were categorized into three groups: homozygous C/C188 (n = 8), heterozygous C/T188 (n = 12),(More)
The aim of this study was to determine whether circadian phase from salivary melatonin profiles is the same when measured in phase assessments 1 wk apart. Eleven healthy young men and women maintained a fixed, home sleep-wake schedule, in bed, in the dark 23:00-07:00 hr on weekdays. On Friday and Saturday nights they were permitted to wake up and go to bed(More)
The transverse dentofacial morphology of 36 children with bilateral cleft lip, alveolus and palate was studied by means of a frontal proportional cephalometric analysis at the ages of three, eight and twelve years. Comparison of the variables of the cleft group was made with the normal dimensions as obtained from the Bolton cephalometric templates. The(More)
The speech of 15 Taiwanese patients with cerebellar dysfunction and ataxic dysarthria was investigated utilizing techniques of acoustic analysis and instrumental measurement. Semiquantitative assessment of cerebellar function (SQACF) was also performed. The results of the acoustic analysis of the cerebellar speech were then correlated with the findings in(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac allograft arteriopathy often limits long-term survival in transplantation recipients but has been difficult to detect by standard diagnostic methods. Because of the diffuse nature of transplantation coronary disease, we postulated that a lung/heart ratio during dipyridamole thallium imaging might better predict arteriopathy-related(More)