Christine Xing Wang

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We show that the band gap bowing trends observed in III-V alloys containing dilute concentrations of Sb or Bi can be explained within the framework of the valence-band anticrossing model. Hybridization of the extended p-like states comprising the valence band of the host semiconductor with the close-lying localized p-like states of Sb or Bi leads to a(More)
Introduction • How best to convey large answer sets for queries? – Simple enumeration: accurate but not necessarily most useful – Summaries: not (necessarily) 100% accurate but can be more intuitive • Why is this problem interesting? – OLAP queries over multi-dimensional data typically produce data intensive answers
An algorithm is proposed to increase the effective resolution of infrared thermal images by a 2:1 ratio while at the same time removing the noise and preserving edges in the image. This algorithm is based on a minimization strategy known as mean field annealing, which takes into account processes of blur, noise, and image correlations, to make an optimal(More)
Inspired by the marine mussel's ability to adhere to surfaces underwater, an aqueous catechol-based dip coating platform was developed. Using a catechol-functionalized polyacrylamide binder in combination with inorganic nanoparticles enables the facile fabrication of robust composite coatings via a layer-by-layer process. This modular assembly of(More)
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