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The proportion of computer science (CS) bachelor's degree recipients who are women has consistently been small and is declining. This study investigates factors that predict performance and persistence in an undergraduate CS program and explores why even high-achieving students leave the undergraduate "CS pipeline." The factors that predict achievement and(More)
Several laboratory studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of presenting students with " Reflection Questions " immediately after they have solved quantitative problems [1, 2]. The main goal of the two experiments described in this paper was to determine if the positive results of post-practice reflection from laboratory studies hold up in an actual(More)
While some recent work in tutorial dialogue has touched upon tutor reformulations of student contributions, there has not yet been an attempt to characterize the intentions of refor-mulations in this educational context nor an attempt to determine which types of reformu-lation actually contribute to student learning. In this paper we take an initial look at(More)
In the study reported on here, 65 prospective computer or information science majors (47 male, 18 female) worked through a tutorial on the basics of Perl. All actions were recorded and time-stamped, allowing us to investigate the relationship between six factors that we believed would predict performance in an introductory computer science (CS) course (as(More)
Rimac is a natural-language intelligent tutoring system that engages students in dialogues that address physics concepts and principles, after they have solved quantitative physics problems. Much research has been devoted to identifying features of tutorial dialogue that can explain its effectiveness (e.g., [1]), so that these features can be simulated in(More)
In phagocytic cells, including the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE), acidic compartments of the endolysosomal system are regulators of both phagocytosis and autophagy, thereby helping to maintain cellular homeostasis. The acidification of the endolysosomal system is modulated by a proton pump, the V-ATPase, but the mechanisms that direct the activity of the(More)
Recent research has shown that people with chronic illnesses often experience cognitive deficits, such deficits may be specific to a particular type of illness, reflecting the disease process itself, or they may be deficits that are common across a number of chronic illnesses. Our study investigated whether people with an organic disease (Inflammatory Bowel(More)
This poster describes Rimac, a natural-language tutoring system that engages students in dialogues that address physics concepts and principles, after students have solved quantitative physics problems. We summarize our approach to deriving decision rules that simulate the highly interactive nature of human tutoring, and describe a pilot test that compares(More)