Christine Wills

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Growth and development from infancy to age 18 years in tasters and non-tasters of phenylthiocarbamide (P.T.C.) were studied in 50 female and 44 male subjects. Taster girls reached all indices of maturation an average of 3.8 months earlier than non-taster girls. The reverse was true for boys, non-tasters maturing on average 6.2 months earlier than tasters.(More)
BACKGROUND Podiatric conditions are frequently seen in persons with intellectual disabilities. Unfortunately, many are not detected or addressed. This study attempts to determine the prevalence of a variety of selected podiatric conditions in Special Olympics athletes and compare the findings to studies of a similarly matched general population. METHODS(More)
SETTING Lack of innovation in diagnostics has contributed to tuberculosis (TB) remaining a global health challenge. It is critical to understand how new diagnostic technologies are translated into policies and how these are implemented. OBJECTIVE To examine policy transfer for two rapid molecular diagnostic tests, GenoType(®) MDRTBplus and Xpert(®)(More)
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