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Climate change poses a serious challenge to sustainable urban development worldwide. In Sweden, climate change work at the city level emerged in 1996 and has long had a focus on mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. City planners' " adaptation turn " is recent and still ongoing. This paper presents a meta-evaluation of Swedish municipal adaptation(More)
The effects of 'natural' disasters in cities can be worse than in other environments, with poor and marginalised urban communities in the developing world being most at risk. To avoid post-disaster destruction and the forced eviction of these communities, proactive and preventive urban planning, including housing, is required. This paper examines current(More)
  • C Wamsler, L Niven, T H Beery, T Bramryd, N Ekelund, K I Jönsson +12 others
  • 2016
Operationalizing ecosystem-based adaptation: harnessing ecosystem services to buffer communities against climate change. ABSTRACT. Ecosystem-based approaches for climate change adaptation are promoted at international, national, and local levels by both scholars and practitioners. However, local planning practices that support these approaches are(More)
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