Christine W Tsai

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OBJECTIVE D-Serine is a full agonist at the glycine site on the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor. Previous administration of D-serine to schizophrenic patients taking nonclozapine antipsychotics improved positive, negative, and cognitive symptoms, whereas the partial agonist D-cycloserine improved negative symptoms of patients taking conventional(More)
Distribution of humic acids (HA) in rats was studied using radioiodinated HA injected intraperitoneally. Distribution of (125)I was also studied for comparison. The distribution pattern of HA differed greatly from that of (125)I. Except in the thyroid and skin, (125)I was excreted from the body within 24 hours, whereas a large proportion of HA remained in(More)
A zebrafish sodium channel cDNA encoding a 1949-amino acid polypeptide, Na(v)1.6, was isolated. Two transcripts were detected in zebrafish adult brain but not in cardiac or skeletal muscle. The RNase protection analysis confirmed the neural specificity of zebrafish Na(v)1.6 24 hours postfertilization (hpf) Na(v)1.6 was expressed in the trigeminal ganglion,(More)
Leishmania donovani-infected interleukin-13-/- BALB/c mice showed impaired initial gamma interferon secretion and incomplete granuloma assembly at parasitized liver foci. Nonetheless, control of early parasite replication, resolution of liver infection, and responsiveness to antileishmanial chemotherapy were intact. By itself, interleukin-13 does not appear(More)
Mutations in the gene encoding PIG-A (phosphatidylinositol glycan class A) are found in patients with paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria (PNH), an acquired haematopoietic stem cell disorder. Individuals with hereditary PIG-A mutations have never been identified, which is also manifested by the difficulties in generating Pig-a knockout (KO) mice. This(More)
A distally based posterior tibial artery adipofascial flap with skin graft was used for the reconstruction of soft tissue defects over the Achilles tendon in three cases and over the heel in three cases. Good resurfacing with protective sensation of these wounds was achieved. There was no breakdown of the graft or morbidity of donor sites, which were closed(More)
A novel microbe was isolated from a geothermal vent in Yang-Ming National Park in northern Taiwan. This spherical microbe with mean cell diameter of 1.1 +/- 0.2 microns is a facultatively chemolithoautotrophic archaeon that grows on elemental sulfur and reduced sulfur compounds. The optimal pH and temperature for growth are 4.0 (pH range 2.0-6.0) and 80(More)
Interleukin-12 (IL-12) orchestrates acquired resistance in intracellular Leishmania donovani infection in the liver, inducing gamma interferon and, in turn, macrophage activation and parasite killing. Nevertheless, testing in IL-18(-/-) mice compared to wild-type mice and in IL-12p40(-/-) compared to IL-12p35(-/-) mice also suggested both early-acting(More)
The individual and combined effects of dietary fat and garlic oil on two drug-metabolizing enzymes, cytochrome P(450) 2B1 and the placental form of glutathione (GSH) S-transferase (PGST), in rat liver were examined in this study. Rats were fed a low corn oil, high corn oil or high fish oil diet and received various amount of garlic oil (0, 30, 80, 200 mg/kg(More)
We report a 5 year experience of 10 cases of mycotic aneurysms of the aorta caused by salmonella infection. Of the 10 patients, nine were males and one was female in an age range from 60 to 80 years with a mean of 71 years. The major clinical manifestations were fever, abdominal or back pain, pulsatile abdominal mass and leucocytosis. The diagnosis was(More)