Christine T. Herman

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Model substrates presenting biochemical cues immobilized in a controlled and well-defined manner are of great interest for their applications in biointerface studies that elucidate the molecular basis of cell receptor-ligand interactions. Herein, we describe a direct, photochemical method to generate surface-immobilized biomolecular gradients that are(More)
Methods for the generation of substratespresenting biomolecules in a spatially controlled manner are enabling tools for applications in biosensor systems, microarray technologies, fundamental biological studies and biointerface science. We have implemented a method to create biomolecular patterns by using light to control the direct covalent immobilization(More)
Stem bromelain, a cysteine protease isolated from pineapples, is a natural anti-inflammatory treatment, yet its mechanism of action remains unclear. Curious as to whether bromelain might affect selectin-mediated leukocyte rolling, we studied the ability of bromelain-treated human neutrophils to tether to substrates presenting immobilized P-selectin or(More)
I was one of those starry-eyed children who loved helium because it sent colourful balloons into the sky and made me speak with a squeaky voice. As a chemist, I have learnt there are a myriad of other reasons scientists get excited about the odourless, colourless second element in the periodic table. Helium is a cool element. Literally. It has the lowest(More)
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