Christine Strothotte

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3D virtual environments like Croquet need to be attractive in order to be visited and used. Their attractiveness depends on the level of vitality that the user is able to experience. Vitality can only be recognized by constant changes, similar to phenomena we know from nature like breathing. We introduce two sorts of vitality by which a virtual environment(More)
In this paper we introduce a concept of how the status of project partners in a virtual collaboration environment can be transferred in a subtle manner to gain useful information– personal and ambient – for a more efficient working atmosphere and better communication. We broaden Donald Norman’s quotation, that what is most important(More)
We present the Greenhouse, a new concept for a studio-like metaphor supporting content creation within Croquet (Smith et al. 2003). The Greenhouse is a scalable working environment enabling people to either carry out their work in private or share their progress with a community of users. The metaphor of a greenhouse is ideally suited to build upon since it(More)
We present a new basic metaphors and concepts for authoring environments by distinguishing between content and form. By distinguishing between planning the scope of action (content) and the act of storytelling (form) we provide multimedia authors with means to plan complex, but still consistent stories and to develop new and more sophisticated formats how(More)
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