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ESP Contributes to the Unconscious Formation of Preferences
This study is carried out as a test of some basic ideas drawn from first sight theory (FST). Some of the main ideas being tested include the assumption that extrasensory information has a part to
Belief in ostensibly paranormal phenomena has often been associated with poor critical thinking, suggestibility and psychopathology in the research literature. Other work has found that belief in the
An interpretative phenomenological analysis exploring synesthesia as an exceptional experience: insights for consciousness and cognition
ABSTRACT Previous research has indicated that there may be a role for synesthesia in exceptional experiences, including experiences which have been labeled “paranormal.” The current project sought to
A Survey Exploring Synesthetic Experiences: Exceptional Experiences, Schizotypy, and Psychological Well-Being
We used an online survey to investigate the relations among synesthesia, schizotypy, exceptional experiences (ExEs), and well-being. Participants (N = 1,628 [listwise N = 767]; male = 619, female =
Sleep Patterns, Personality, and Subjective Anomalous Experiences
An opportunity sample comprising 281 participants completed a battery of questionnaires, which included questions on sleep, the Anomalous Experience Inventory [1], the STA scale (for measurement of
Testing for telepathy using an immersive virtual environment
Within this paper we report on the use immersive virtual reality (IVR) as an experimental environment and medium for the study of telepathy. Our own Telepathy Immersive Virtual Environment (TIVE)
Exceptional Experiences Following Exposure to a Sham “God Helmet”: Evidence for Placebo, Individual Difference, and Time of Day Influences
It has been claimed that applying weak complex electromagnetic patterns to the temporal lobes in a “God Helmet” stimulates the intrusion of right-hemispheric processes to awareness, resulting in
Geomagnetic Fields and the Relationship between Human Intentionality and the Hemolysis of Red Blood Cells (1)
The purpose of the experiment reported below was to explore various correlates or influences of distant healing, the most prominent being the effect of the earth's geomagnetic field (GMF) or its