Christine Schleupner

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Based on a spatial model, the Martinique beaches and coastal wetlands are examined to identify the risks of coastal squeeze. In many cases coastal development prevents coasts from adapting by shifting landward. Also tourism infrastructure augments the vulnerability of beach reduction and mangrove squeeze. More than 70% of all Martinique beaches and 29% of(More)
Protected areas in the European Union under the Natura 2000 reserve system cover about 17 percent of the total land area. Systematic evaluations of the effectiveness of the current reserve system have been scarce and restricted to regional assessments. One reason for that may be the poor availability of comprehensive fine scale biodiversity data for the(More)
In this study, we concentrate on the area potentials to preserve, restore or create freshwater wetland ecosystems in the European Union in consideration of economic and bio-geophysical aspects. Expansion of settlements, agricultural areas and bioenergy plantations at the expense of wetlands and its corresponding fragmentation constitute a great challenge to(More)
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