Christine Schaeffer

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This data article describes a controlled, spiked proteomic dataset for which the "ground truth" of variant proteins is known. It is based on the LC-MS analysis of samples composed of a fixed background of yeast lysate and different spiked amounts of the UPS1 mixture of 48 recombinant proteins. It can be used to objectively evaluate bioinformatic pipelines(More)
  • Samuel Maintainer, Wieczorek, Hovasse A, Marcellin M, Hesse Am, E Mouton-Barbosa +12 others
  • 2016
Spiked proteomic standard dataset for testing label-free quantitative software and statistical methods. (2016). Calibration plot for proteomics: A graphical tool to visually check the assumptions underlying FDR control in quantitative experiments.
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