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In order to reduce the stress caused to patients by conventional methods of modeling using computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), an optical modeling process has been developed for extraoral defects and body areas. The selected body part is digitized using optical 3-coordinate measuring technology, providing an extensive data record.(More)
BACKGROUND The study describes the development and implementation of a digital nose database in order to provide patients with nasal prostheses following rhinectomy. Mirrored data for computer-aided design (CAD) cannot be used due to the unpaired structure of the nose. MATERIALS AND METHODS The faces of 202 people were digitized using a 3-dimension (3D)(More)
Enchytraeus albidus was fed with Fucus, green algae, Zostera marina and Delesseria. Judging from absorption of food, rate of reproduction and duration of life, the animals preferred the plants in the sequence given above. As the putrefaction of a Fucus substrate advances, more and more enchytraeids leave it. A changing salinity of the substrate also(More)
Das 3D-Digitalisieren physischer Modelle erfolgt immer dann, wenn kein rechnerinternes Modell eines Werkstückes vorliegt, eine rechnerinterne Darstellung, Weiterverarbeitung, rechnergestützte Modellmodifikation und die rechnergestützte Modellreproduktion zum Beispiel durch Fräsen oder durch Rapid Prototyping vorgesehen ist. Diese grob aufgezeigten Schritte(More)
The esthetic result of an auricular prosthesis is influenced by the position of the prosthesis incorporating the implants. The entire surface of the patient's head is captured by means of a conventional computed tomography (CT). The digital data are used to mirror the contralateral unimpaired ear for restoration of the impaired side. The virtual ear is(More)
BACKGROUND Ablative tumor surgery often results in continuity defects of the mandible. When an immediate reconstruction using autologous bone grafts is not possible the bridging of the defects with a variety of bridging plates might be achieved. However, those bridging plates have the risk of plate fractures or exposure. Customized titanium implants(More)
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