Christine S Stanko

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Maffucci syndrome is a rare, sporadic disease characterized by the development of multiple enchondromas and subcutaneous hemangiomas. Patients with Maffucci syndrome have a 23-37% risk of malignancy, with chondrosarcomas being the most common. Although the development of a chondrosarcoma in a patient with Maffucci syndrome may be expected, intracranial(More)
Carcinoma of the prostate accounts for fewer than 1% of all skin metastases. Cutaneous metastases from prostate carcinoma most often involve the penis, the anterior aspect of the thighs, the suprapubic area, and the perineum, but they also have been reported in the scalp, the chest, the back, and even the face. We report an unusual case of metastatic(More)
BACKGROUND Cosmetic repair of elongated or lacerated earlobe tracts is a commonly encountered dermatologic procedure. For esthetic purposes, patients may choose to repierce the repaired lobe over the original site. Subsequent piercing within a scarred area potentially increases the risk of recurrent tract elongation secondary to the reduced tensile strength(More)
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