Christine S. Spencer

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The extracellular matrix-associated protein, SPARC (osteonectin [Secreted Protein Acidic and Rich in Cysteine]), modulates cell adhesion and induces a change in cell morphology. SPARC expression in mammals is developmentally regulated and is highest at sites of extracellular matrix assembly and remodeling such as parietal endoderm and bone. We have isolated(More)
We demonstrate that the alternatively spliced variable (V) region of fibronectin (FN) is required for secretion of FN dimers during biosynthesis. Alternative splicing of the V segment of the rat FN transcript generates three subunit variants (V120, V95, V0) that differ by the inclusion or omission of an additional 120 or 95 amino acids. We are exploring the(More)
Using three years of state inpatient discharge data from thirteen states, we computed, for each hospital, race/ethnicity-specific quality measures using the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality inpatient quality indicators and patient safety indicators. We found that risk-adjusted quality indicators for blacks, Hispanics, and Asians were not(More)
BACKGROUND The reduction of adverse patient safety events and the equitable treatment of patients in hospitals are clinical and policy priorities. Health services researchers have identified disparities in the quality of care provided to patients, both by demographic characteristics and insurance status. However, less is known about the extent to which(More)
PURPOSE We investigated the relationship between blindness and vision impairment and access to medical care. METHODS Pooled data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) years 2002-2004 were used to identify non-institutionalized individuals over the age of 40 with either self-reported blindness, vision impairment, or no vision impairment (n =(More)
Employing three years of inpatient discharge data from 11 states and inpatient and patient safety quality indicators from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), this paper explored whether minority (black, Hispanic, and Asian) patients used lower quality hospitals. We found that the association between the share of minority patients and(More)
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The work that physicians perform represents a major resource input to medical services and procedures. In this article we describe the concepts of work and its dimensions, as well as the methods developed to measure them. We also describe the design and results of a national probability survey of physicians in 18 specialties. We present the(More)
Patterns of behavioral health service utilization were examined among youth diagnosed with bipolar disorder (n = 832). Youth were categorized as high, moderate, and low restrictive service users (43, 7, and 50%, respectively). Factors associated with receiving care in highly restrictive settings included: numerous co-occurring diagnoses and being enrolled(More)