Christine Richard-Molard

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1. The sensitivity to X-rays of 5 differentDrosophila cell lines has been studied. Statistical analysis of experimental data for doses between 10,000 and 16,000 roentgen showed that, for each cell line, the probability of survial of each cell is independent. According to the relationship observed between the dose and the survival frequency, the five lines(More)
In cultured Drosophila melanogaster cells, vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) established a persistent, noncytopathic infection. No inhibition of host protein synthesis occurred even though all cells were initially infected. No defective interfering particles were detected, which would explain the establishment of the carrier state. In studies of the time(More)
Strains of sigma virus which are called P- do not multiply in Drosophila strains called Paris, homozygous for the Pp allele of gene ref(2)P. Adsorption is normal and the virus is not destroyed. It seems that the viral function concerned is an early one. P+ variants isolated from a P- population do multiply in flies from the Paris strain. Three continuous(More)
Les souches courantes du virus sigma, dites P−, sont incapables de se multiplier dans les Drosophiles de la souche Paris, homozygote pour l'allèle Pp du gène ref(2) P. L'adsorption se fait normalement et le virus n'est pas détruit, il semble que la fonction virale touchée soit une fonction précoce. Des variants, dits P+, isolés à partir d'une population(More)
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