Christine Renshaw

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The calcium-binding protein S100A4 is capable of inducing metastasis in rodent models for breast cancer. We now show that rabbit antibodies to recombinant rat S100A4 recognize specifically human S100A4 using Western blotting techniques and use them to assess the prognostic significance of S100A4 in primary tumors from a group of 349 patients treated between(More)
The intensity of angiogenesis as measured by the density of microvessels has been reported to be associated with a poor prognosis in invasive breast cancer in some, but not all, studies. The reasons for these discrepancies may be variations in the methodologies used. The monoclonal antibody used to identify the microvessels, the number of high-density areas(More)
Our aim was to compare the occurrence and prognostic significance over 14-20 years of immunocytochemically detected S100A4 and other tumour variables in primary tumours from 349 patients with operable breast cancer. For a cut-off of 1% staining of the malignant cells, the antibody to S100A4 stains positively 56% of the carcinomas. There was a significant(More)
BACKGROUND Breast screening uptake in London is below the Government's target of 70% and we investigate whether ethnicity affects this. Information on the ethnicity for the individual women invited is unavailable, so we use an area-based method similar to that routinely used to derive a geographical measure for socioeconomic deprivation. METHODS We(More)
BACKGROUND: Studies from around the world have shown that suicide risk is increased in cancer patients, but no previous detailed analysis has been carried out in England.METHODS: We calculated standardised mortality ratios (SMRs) for suicide in 206 129 men and 211 443 women diagnosed with cancer in South East England between 1996 and 2005, relative to(More)
Quantified magnetic resonance measurements were made of superior temporal gyrus, parahippocampal gyrus, hippocampal, frontal and temporal lobe volumes and of the planar area of the thalamus and basal ganglia structures in 47 late paraphrenic patients and 33 healthy elderly controls. The late paraphrenics were divided into 31 schizophrenics and 16 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is associated with different ethnic groups in the United States (US), however this has not previously been examined in a population-based study within the United Kingdom (UK). METHODS Electronic pathology reports from the North East London Cancer Network (NELCN) on women diagnosed with breast cancer between(More)
13C-NMR studies on the effect of glucose metabolism on arginine hydrolysis in Mycoplasma fermentans cells have been performed using a continuous perfusion technique. With this procedure we were able to show, in the presence of glucose, the rapid accumulation of lactic acid and, in the presence of arginine, the formation of citrulline that is apparently(More)
The expression of surface proteins by 14 successive Mycoplasma hominis isolates obtained from the synovial fluid of a chronically infected septic arthritis patient was examined. Marked differences in the expression of surface proteins, as determined by monoclonal antibodies raised against the first isolate, were observed. However, identical restriction(More)
Background:Breast cancer 5-year relative survival is low in the North East London Cancer Network (NELCN).Methods:We compared breast cancer that was diagnosed during 2001–2005 with that in the rest of London.Results:North East London Cancer Network women more often lived in socioeconomic quintile 5 (42 vs 21%) and presented with advanced disease (11 vs 7%).(More)