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Middle-aged adults with painful hip conditions show balance impairments that are consistent with an increased risk of falls. Pathological changes at the hip, accompanied by pain, may accelerate pre-existing age-related balance deficits present in midlife. To consider the influence of pain alone, we investigated the effects of acute experimental hip muscle(More)
INTRODUCTION The importance of work or productive activity for the well-being, community integration, and quality of life of people living with disabilities is addressed, with implications for life care planning and case management. BACKGROUND The role of work or productive activity in our society, and consequences of deprivation if rehabilitation(More)
1. Identify needs common among older adults who have combined vision and hearing loss. 2. Describe a model program that provides information, resources, and training to older adults experiencing combined vision and hearing loss. 3. Describe how the program benefits not only consumers, but also family, friends, caregivers, students, and service providers.
'Database providers... were beginning to realise that they needed to respond to the increased use and development of corporate intranets.' Abstract Outlines the development of business and management education in the UK and the increasing trend toward distance education. Describes and discusses the move towards Web-based delivery of information products and(More)
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