Christine R. Blomeke

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This study investigated the effect of force levels (3, 5, 7, 9 and 11N) on fingerprint matching performance, image quality scores and minutiae count between optical and capacitance sensors. Three images were collected from the right index fingers of 75 participants for each sensing technology. Descriptive statistics analysis of variance and Kruskal-Wallis(More)
Research has shown for some age groups, quality of fingerprints can impact the performance of biometric systems. A desirable feature of biometrics is that they are suitable for use across the population. This applied study examines the performance of a fingerprint recognition system in a healthcare environment. Anecdotal evidence suggested front line(More)
This paper will outline the results of an online survey about the perceptions of Indiana 4-H Youth Educators on the use of retinal imaging for the purpose of identifying 4-H livestock projects. Indiana has begun a three year implementation period of retinal imaging and doing away with nose printing as the method of permanent livestock identification. The(More)
Finger Print authentication system is one of the most common and often used bio metric analysis through which several organizations register the presence of their workers and employees. There are also some organizations in which verification of user is so critical that un-authorized access may harm the organization to a great level. So, this research work(More)
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