Christine Owen

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OBJECTIVE The purpose of the present study is to investigate perceptions by paramedics and hospital receiving staff about what enables and constrains handover in the ED. METHODS This is a qualitative study of interviews with 19 paramedics, 15 nurses and 16 doctors (n = 50) from ambulance services and ED in two states of Australia. RESULTS Three main(More)
An adaptive interaction system, which is aware of the user’s current cognitive load (CL), can change its response, presentation and flow of interaction material accordingly, to improve user’s experience and performance. We present a speech content analysis approach to CL measurement, which employs users’ linguistic features of speech to determine their(More)
Preparing for emergencies and their management is considered to be dynamic and challenging in controlling crises, preventing losses, and in the allocation of resources. In this study, we argue that improving plans and operations of personnel involved in managing fire-related emergencies is an important area of investigation. Here, we investigate the effects(More)
BACKGROUND Children with motor impairments (e.g. difficulties with motor control, muscle tone or balance) experience significant difficulties in participating in physical play and leisure. Current interventions are often poorly defined, lack explicit hypotheses about why or how they might work, and have insufficient evidence about effectiveness. This(More)
Scalogram analysis (Guttman scaling) organizes descriptive data into a form which is meaningful to the nutritionist and the sociologist in the study of the diversity in, and variation of, family food patterns. Scalogram analysis avoids the use of measures that are "description bound" or culturally biased by providing a means of using a higher level of(More)
In this study, we examine whether internal and external collaboration (considering institutional and national levels) among scientific associates with research impact relates to research performance. We extract data from Scopus, a bibliometric database, searching for journal publications having ‘information science’ phrase in their title or keywords or(More)
BACKGROUND Participation in physical play/leisure (PPP) is an important therapy goal of children with motor impairments. Evidence for interventions promoting PPP in these children is scarce. The first step is to identify modifiable, clinically meaningful predictors of PPP for targeting by interventions. OBJECTIVE The study objective was to identify, in(More)
After the fall of the communist government in Romania, many children were found to be human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infected. The majority of these children were abandoned and currently live in orphanages. The children have been cared for on a day-to-day basis by nurses with little general nursing education and even less HIV education. The(More)
Multi-agency coordination represents a significant challenge in emergency management. The need for liaison officers working in strategic level emergency operations centres to play organizational boundary spanning roles within multi-agency coordination arrangements that are enacted in complex and dynamic emergency response scenarios creates significant(More)