Christine Ouvry

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Structure-activity relationships studies have established the minimal sequence of melanin-concentrating hormone (MCH) that retains full agonist potency at the MCH(1), to be the dodecapeptide MCH(6-17). The alpha-amino function is not required for activity since arginine(6) can be replaced by p-guanidinobenzoyl, further improving activity. We report that the(More)
We have identified from human liver eight alpha(1A)-adrenoceptor (alpha(1A)-AR) splice variants that were also expressed in human heart, prostate and hippocampus. Three of these alpha(1A)-AR isoforms (alpha(1A-1)-AR, alpha(1A-2a)-AR and alpha(1A-3a)-AR) gave rise to receptors with seven transmembrane domains (7TMalpha(1A)-AR). The other five(More)
The main melatonin receptors are two G-protein coupled receptors named MT(1) and MT(2). Having described the molecular pharmacology of the human versions of these receptors, we turned to two of the three species most useful in studying melatonin physiology: rat and sheep (a diurnal species used to understand the relationship between circadian rhythm and(More)
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