Christine Nguyen

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PURPOSE To evaluate the expression patterns of cytokeratin (K) 12, 13, and 19 in normal epithelium of the human ocular surface to determine whether K13 could be used as a marker for conjunctival epithelium. METHODS Total RNA was isolated from the human conjunctiva and central cornea. Those transcripts that had threefolds or higher expression levels in the(More)
In the past two decades, California's share of the national cut flower market has decreased from 64 percent to 20 percent. California growers' largest competitors are South American growers; Colombia controls 75 percent of the US market. South American growers have several competitive advantages, including the favorable trucking rates they enjoy by(More)
  • Michael Thomas Petr, Paula T Hammond, Brad Olsen, Alan Hatton, Steve Kooi, Bill Dinatale +84 others
  • 2012
Photo-responsive liquid crystal polymers (LCP) which contain azobenzene moieties have gained interest for their ability to change properties by merely irradiating them with the correct wavelength of light in the appropriate temperature range. Furthermore, they have been crosslinked for elasticity and to translate this property change into photo-mechanical(More)
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