Christine Mederic

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In the nucleoli of vitamin B12-deprived Euglena cells there is a 10-fold amplification of rDNA which correlates with increased numbers of fibrillar centers in the hypertrophic nucleoli. This rDNA amplification was demonstrated by means of molecular hybridization using a specific cytoplasmic rRNA probe. Most of the amplified sequences appear as(More)
A method for isolating high quality DNA from wholeEuglena cells is described. The procedure consists in: the weakening of the cell pellicle in glycerol avoiding the mechanical disruption of cells and shearing damage in DNA molecules; the decondensation ofEuglena compact chromatin directly inside the cells; the complete dissociation of cells and(More)
A novel method for isolatingEuglena gracilis Z. nuclei, based on pretreatment of cells in concentrated glycerol buffer before homogenization, is described. Such a treatment weakens the tough cell pellicle facilitating cell disruption, and avoids nuclear damage induced by detergents and by freezing and thawing the cells in aqueous media. Nuclei, purified by(More)
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