Christine McCarthy

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Because there is increasing demand for critical care providers in the United States, many medical ICUs for adults have begun to integrate nurse practitioners and physician assistants into their medical teams. Studies suggest that such advanced practice providers (APPs), when appropriately trained in acute care, can be highly effective in helping to deliver(More)
[1] Anelasticity and diffusion creep viscosity of partially molten rock analogue were measured experimentally at various melt fractions (0.0025–0.04). The presence of even a small quantity of melt phase causes a significant increase in attenuation and dispersion, and decrease in viscosity (melt effect). Similar changes are additionally caused by the(More)
[1] We have developed a new experimental method to investigate the anelasticity of a polycrystalline solid at high homologous temperature (T/Tm = 0.6–0.7). By using a rock analogue (borneol polycrystals) and a partially molten rock analogue (borneol + melt) having low melting and eutectic temperatures (Tm = 204.5°C, Te = 43°C), respectively, testing high(More)
"Reality has always been interpreted through the reports given by images" (Sontag 153). The computer has fast eclipsed manual drawing as the prime source of architectural representation in architectural schools. Studios are relinquishing drawing boards, and students spend long hours in dark computer laboratories, alienated from light and the awareness of(More)
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