Christine Marcel

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In the year 2000 a competition was organised to collect face verification results on an identical, publicly available data set using a standard evaluation protocol. The database used was the Xm2vts database along with the Lausanne protocol [14]. Four different institutions submitted results on the database which were subsequently published in [13]. Three(More)
The performance of face verification systems has steadily improved over the last few years, mainly focusing on models rather than on feature processing. State-of-the-art methods often use the grayscale face image as input. In this paper, we propose to use an additional feature to the face image: the skin color. The new feature set is tested on a benchmark(More)
In this work, we present a multimodal identity verification system based on the fusion of the face image and the text independent speech data of a person. The system conciliates the monomodal face and speaker verification algorithms by fusing their respective scores. In order to assess the authentication system at different scales, the performance is(More)
Thiocolchicoside is a muscle relaxant which, due to its mainly spinal GABA-agonist activity, is used by the oral and intramuscular routes in the ambulatory treatment of painful contracture of the skeletal muscles. The effectiveness and acceptability of this drug in the treatment of acute low-back pain were evaluated in a multicentre, randomized,(More)
Multimodal fusion for identity veri cation has already shown great improvement compared to unimodal algorithms. In this paper, we propose to integrate con dence measures during the fusion process. We present a comparison of three di erent methods to generate such con dence information from unimodal identity veri cation systems. These methods can be used(More)
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