Christine Maglione

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The 1% or Less Campaign is an effective research-tested program for reducing saturated fat intake by encouraging individuals to switch to low-fat milk. All published studies have been conducted in small communities with mostly White populations. The 6-week intervention included a media campaign, public relations, and taste tests. Campaign effectiveness was(More)
In 5 random groups of Wistar rats (n = 15 for each group), ulcerogenic doses of NSAIDs COX-1-COX-2 inhibitors such as indomethacin were compared with Celecoxib (COX-2 inhibitor); the production of antrum gastric ulcers and bowel and colon necrotic areas was studied. Celecoxib was given each 12 hs orally and subcutaneously during 5 days and gastrointestinal(More)
Five experimental models were developed in different groups of Wistar rats (N = 15) to study selective COX-2-inhibitor NSAIDs such as celecoxib and rofecoxib, as follows: (1) dose-dependent oral Celecoxib and Rofecoxib for 5 days, and 24 hr after oral indomethacin; (2) Same as 1 but subcutaneously; (3) gastric ulcer induced by glacial acetic acid; (4)(More)
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