Christine Macq

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OBJECTIVE In the critically ill, blood pressure measurements mostly rely on automated oscillometric devices pending the intra-arterial catheter insertion or after its removal. If the arms are inaccessible, the cuff is placed at the ankle or the thigh, but this common practice has never been assessed. We evaluated the reliability of noninvasive blood(More)
Hospitalization at home has known for the past few years a growing interest in care of patients. It has shown its advantages in children in terms of reducing the stress of parental separation, postoperative infections and the cost of hospitalization. But, pain remains the most common complaint in the postoperative follow-up of patients. As in adults,(More)
BACKGROUND Bilateral suprazygomatic maxillary nerve blocks approach improves pain relief after palate surgery. We report the feasibility and efficiency of ultrasound-guided suprazygomatic maxillary nerve blocks in cleft palate repair in children. METHODS Twenty-five children scheduled to undergo surgical cleft palate repair were included.(More)
Cerebral oximetry allows continuous real-time and non-invasive monitoring of cerebral oxygen saturation (cSO(2)), by measuring oxyhaemoglobin and deoxyhaemoglobin near infrared light absorption, similarly to pulse oximetry. cSO(2) measurement predominantly reflects brain venous compartment, and is correlated with jugular venous saturation. As jugular venous(More)
BACKGROUND GlideScope® video-laryngoscopy is becoming increasingly used, including in paediatrics. However, to date, very few data are available on efficiency during situations involving difficult intubation. Our objective was to describe the usefulness of the GlideScope® in children with presumed challenging airway criteria. METHODS In this observational(More)
We consider a simulation tool for the study of scheduling algorithms for real-time systems composed of periodic and aperiodic tasks. We rst introduce the scheduling problem of real-time systems, we present popular scheduling algorithms for periodic tasks with hard deadlines, and then we consider the case of mix systems, composed of periodic as well(More)
INTRODUCTION Nowadays, the epidemiological data on French pediatric anesthesia is limited. The purpose of this study was to perform an "epidemiological picture" of this activity. MATERIAL AND METHOD From the national Program Information System Medicalization, we have identified the institutions of France performing more than 50 anesthesia by year in(More)
Background Spinal Anaesthesia (SA) has been firmly established as an efficient and safe technique, with minimal cardio-respiratory disturbance when administered in the neonatal period. Our objective was to assess the haemodynamic consequences of SA in infants, particularly its impact on cerebral perfusion using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)-based(More)
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