Christine M. Theodore

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We report a case of neuromuscular disease overlap between myasthenia gravis and Lambert-Eaton syndrome (LES). Clinical features were those of LES and occurred insidiously in this 68-year old man: proximal weakness predominant in the lower limbs, generalized areflexia, dryness of the mouth and partial right eye palsy. Investigations disclosed a small cell(More)
The safety and efficacy of inhaled dry powder mannitol as a bronchial provocation test for airway hyperresponsiveness: a phase 3 comparison study with hypertonic (4.5%) saline. Sputum induction as a diagnostic tool for community-acquired pneumonia in infants and young children from a high HIV prevalence area. Sputum inflammatory phenotypes are not stable in(More)
To retrospectively assess the efficacy and safety of Vinflunine (VFL) under routine conditions and identify overall survival (OS) prognostic factors. Twenty centres participated in the retrospective study (minimum 4 patients undergoing VFL treatment for advanced/metastatic UC after platinum-based regimen progression. Primary endpoint was OS. Secondary(More)
Platinum-based systemic chemotherapy is considered the backbone for management of advanced urothelial carcinomas. However there is a lack of real world data on the use of such chemotherapy regimens, on patient profiles and on management after treatment failure. Fifty-one randomly selected physicians from 4 European countries registered 218 consecutive(More)
Bacteria associated with mammals are a rich source of microbial biodiversity; however, little is known concerning the abilities of these microbes to generate secondary metabolites. This report focuses on a bacterium isolated from the ear of a feral hog from southwestern Oklahoma, USA. The bacterium was identified as a new strain (PE36) of Brevibacillus(More)
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