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Object-oriented programming (OOP) has been revolutionizing software development and maintenance. When applied to simulation of manufacturing systems, OOP also provides an opportunity for developing new ways of thinking and modeling. In this paper, we identify existing large-scale, persistent OOP-based research efforts focusing on manufacturing system(More)
This paper describes a field study in which a recently implemented 'intelligent' control system for NASA satellites was observed. The autonomous control system, called Genie, is intended to replace the current two-person operations team with which NASA staffs the control rooms for each scientific satellite. As these control rooms are typically staffed(More)
Hazard analysis critical control points (HACCP) is a quality assurance system widely used in the food industry to ensure safety. We adopted the HACCP approach when conventional infection control measures had failed to solve an ongoing problem with an increased incidence of postoperative endophthalmitis, and our ophthalmology unit was threatened with(More)
CONTEXT Religion and spirituality play an important role in physicians' medical practice, but little research has examined their influence within the socialization of medical trainees and the hidden curriculum. OBJECTIVES The objective is to explore the role of religion and spirituality as they intersect with aspects of medicine's hidden curriculum. (More)
CONTEXT Spiritual care (SC) from medical practitioners is infrequent at the end of life (EOL) despite national standards. OBJECTIVES The study aimed to describe nurses' and physicians' desire to provide SC to terminally ill patients and assess 11 potential SC barriers. METHODS This was a survey-based, multisite study conducted from October 2008 through(More)