Christine M Kraft

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Bovine mastitis is an important and complex disease responsible for economic losses in the dairy industry. Biotype II strains of the green alga Prototheca zopfii can be involved, most often resulting in chronic mastitis of difficult treatment associated with reduced milk production. This type of infection is rare, but the number of reported cases is(More)
BACKGROUND Research shows that there is a basic gap in the knowledge of nursing home staff about urinary incontinence and the previous societal belief that urinary incontinence is a normal part of aging. This study examines the knowledge of nursing home staff about the types and treatment of urinary incontinence as well as attitudes toward urinary(More)
In this article we report the in vivo and in vitro characterization of single chain tetracycline repressor (scTetR) variants in Escherichia coli. ScTetR is genetically and proteolytically stable and exhibits the same regulatory properties as dimeric TetR in E.coli. Urea-dependent denaturation of scTetR is independent of the protein concentration and follows(More)
Tet repressor mutants with a shifted effector specificity, preference for a mutant operator sequence or reversion of activity were combined to construct variants bearing two or three phenotypic alterations. TetR alleles with combinations of altered operator and effector specificities can be created by merging the respective residues in a single polypeptide.(More)
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