Christine M. Kincaid

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Angiogenesis depends on cytokines and vascular cell adhesion events. Two cytokine-dependent pathways of angiogenesis were shown to exist and were defined by their dependency on distinct vascular cell integrins. In vivo angiogenesis in corneal or chorioallantoic membrane models induced by basic fibroblast growth factor or by tumor necrosis factor-alpha(More)
Manufacturers of integrated electronic office systems have included electronic versions of the calendar in almost every system they offer. This paper describes a survey of office workers, carried out to examine their use both of paper calendars and of electronic calendars that are commercially available as part of integrated office systems. It assesses the(More)
Polyacrylamide vertical gel electrophoresis was used to separate the caseins of sows' milk. Polymorphism was found in a region of the gels designated Cn3. The Cn3 polymorphism consists of two bands which appear to be controlled by two codominant alleles designated Cn 3 A and Cn 3 B . Homozygotes possess one band and heterozygotes posses both bands of equal(More)
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