Christine M Haslegrave

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Sewing machinists suffer from musculoskeletal problems, which have been attributed to poor working postures as well as to the repetitive hand and arm movements. Their posture is constrained by both the visual and the manual aspects of the task, and the design of the sewing machine and table have a considerable influence on the posture adopted. The potential(More)
UNLABELLED This cross-sectional study investigated the use of schoolbags and the prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms among a sample of 307 Iranian primary school children aged 7-12 years. The average load carried by the children was 2.9 kg (representing on average 10.1% of the child's body weight). Most children chose to carry the schoolbag across two(More)
No clear definition of 'posture' can be found in ergonomics literature. It may be regarded as the configuration of the body's head, trunk and limbs in space or as a 'quasistatic biomechanical alignment' (Rohmert and Mainzer 1986), depending on whether the particular context in which it is used is anatomical or biomechanical. The functional aspects of(More)
The study investigated short and longer duration effects of gloves on hand performance capabilities (muscle activity, dexterity, touch sensitivity, finger pinch and forearm torque strength) and subjective assessments of discomfort and ease of manipulation when performing a light assembly task. The independent variables were hand condition with four levels(More)
The present study was conducted to review the literature on the methods that have been considered appropriate for evaluation of the effects of gloves on different aspects of hand performance, to make recommendations for the testing and assessment of gloves, and to identify where further research is needed to improve the evaluation protocols. Eighty-five(More)
The present study investigated the effects of wearing typical industrial gloves on hand performance capabilities (muscle activity, wrist posture, touch sensitivity, hand grip and forearm torque strength) and subjective assessments for an extended duration of performing a common assembly task, wire tying with pliers, which requires a combination of(More)
A manual handling task (an order picking task in a distribution warehouse) was investigated using concurrent verbal protocols and retrospective verbal protocols (applied at three different times after completion of the task). The study aimed to collect workers' thoughts during the task and to determine what workers are comfortable with reporting. Video(More)