Christine M. Gross

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PURPOSE To assess the effectiveness and safety of endovascular covered stents in the management of pseudoaneurysms and arteriovenous fistulas after cardiac and vascular catheterization. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-six endovascular covered stents were used to repair 16 pseudoaneurysms, nine arteriovenous fistulas, and one combined lesion after femoral(More)
OBJECTIVES We assessed the role of late enhancement cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (LE-CMR) for the diagnosis of right ventricular infarction (RVI). BACKGROUND Right ventricular infarction occurs in about one-half of patients with inferior myocardial infarction (MI). It is associated with an unfavorable prognosis, but established methods often(More)
Development of femoral artery pseudoaneurysms and arteriovenous fistulas represents a continuing problem after vascular diagnostic and interventional procedures. For most patients, ultrasound-guided compression is an effective method of treating such complications. However, in patients requiring a continuous anticoagulant regimen, in those with large(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of using Wallstent implantation to treat superior vena cava syndrome due to malignant tumors. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Digital subtraction angiography showed obstruction of the superior vena cava in 13 patients who then underwent transluminal dilatation and Wallstent implantation. The(More)
The function of cytochrome b559 (cyt b559) in photosystem II (PSII) was studied in a tobacco mutant in which the conserved phenylalanine at position 26 in the beta-subunit was changed to serine. Young leaves of the mutant showed no significant difference in chloroplast ultra structure or in the amount and activity of PSII, while in mature leaves the size of(More)
Photoinhibition and production of reactive oxygen species were studied in tobacco plants overexpressing the plastid terminal oxidase (PTOX). In high light, these plants was more susceptible to photoinhibition than wild-type plants. Also oxygen-evolving activity of isolated thylakoid membranes from the PTOX-overexpressing plants was more strongly inhibited(More)
AIMS To evaluate the feasibility and safety of elective carotid stent implantation in patients with carotid stenoses and concomitant coronary artery disease, as an alternative to combined carotid and coronary surgery. METHODS We treated 50 patients with >70%, stenoses in 53 carotid arteries with balloon angioplasty followed by elective stent implantation.(More)
To the Editor: In-stent thrombosis (IST) remains a major challenge in interventional cardiology. Trials comparing balloon angioplasty with coronary stenting demonstrated an IST incidence 5% (1,2). Improved stent deployment combined with dual antiplatelet therapy reduced the incidence to 0.5% to 2% (3–6). Aside from appropriate antiplatelet therapy,(More)
The pathogenesis of pulmonary hypertension is a complex multifactorial process that involves the remodeling of pulmonary arteries. This remodeling process encompasses concentric medial thickening of small arterioles, neomuscularization of previously nonmuscular capillary-like vessels, and structural wall changes in larger pulmonary arteries. The pulmonary(More)
Studies on smooth muscle cell differentiation and those on vascular development in mouse and humans have long been hampered by the lack of suitable markers. Here we describe a novel, large isoform of smoothelin, a structural protein of differentiated, contractile smooth muscle cells. The protein, which is highly conserved in mouse and humans, shows homology(More)