Christine M. Ferris

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BACKGROUND In order to improve neuromuscular and biomechanical characteristic deficits in female athletes, numerous injury prevention programs have been developed and have successfully reduced the number of knee ligament injuries. However, few have investigated the neuromuscular and biomechanical changes following these training programs. It is also largely(More)
The common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) provides many advantages over traditional rodent and macaque species as a model for human ageing and may be very useful for studying the effects of sex steroids on cognitive and brain ageing. We present the first study examining the effects of oestrogens on cognitive function in female marmosets. Adult monkeys (3-5(More)
It has been well documented that radiologists' performance is not perfect: they make both false positive and false negative decisions. For example, approximately thirty percent of early lung cancer is missed on chest radiographs when the evidence is clearly visible in retrospect [1]. Currently Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) uses software, designed to reduce(More)
X­ray mammography is regarded as the most effective tool for the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer, but the interpretation of mammograms is a difficult and error­prone task. Computer­aided detection (CADe) systems address the problem that radiologists often miss signs of cancers that are retrospectively visible in mammograms. (More)
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