Christine M. Belcastro

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A robust linear parameter varying (LPV) control synthesis is carried out for an HiMAT vehicle subject to loss of control effectiveness. The scheduling t)ar;_met('r is selected to be a flmction of the estimates of the control effectiveness f_lctors. The estimates are provi, ted on-line by a two-stage Kalman estimator. The inherent conservatism of the LPV(More)
This paper presents some of the unique verification, validation, and certification challenges that must be addressed during the development of adaptive system software for use in safety-critical aerospace applications. The paper first discusses the challenges imposed by the current regulatory guidelines for aviation software. Next, a number of individual(More)
In a fault tolerant control (FTC) system, a parameter varying FTC law is reconfigured based on fault parameters estimated by fault detection and isolation (FDI) modules. FDI modules require some time to detect fault occurrences in aero-vehicle dynamics. In this paper, an FTC analysis framework is provided to calculate the upper bound of an inducednorm of an(More)
This paper details the design and development of the Airborne Subscale Transport Aircraft Research (AirSTAR) test-bed at NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC). The aircraft is a 5.5% dynamically scaled, remotely piloted, twin-turbine, swept wing, Generic Transport Model (GTM) which will be used to provide an experimental flight test capability for research(More)
This paper reports the latest development of several techniques for adaptive flight envelope estimation and protection system for aircraft under damage upset conditions. Through the integration of advanced fault detection algorithms, real-time system identification of the damage/faulted aircraft and flight envelop estimation, real-time decision support can(More)
As part of the NASA Aviation Safety Program at Langley Research Center, a dynamically scaled unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and associated ground based control system are being developed to investigate dynamics modeling and control of large transport vehicles in upset conditions. The UAV is a 5.5% (seven foot wingspan), twin turbine, generic transport(More)
This paper presents an interface system display which is conceived to improve pilot situation awareness with respect to a flight envelope protection system developed for a mid-sized transport aircraft. The new display is designed to complement existing cockpit displays, and to augment them with information that relates to both aircraft state and the control(More)
Formal robustness analysis of aircraft control upset prevention and recovery systems could play an important role in their validation and ultimate certification. Such systems (developed for failure detection, identification, and reconfiguration, as well as upset recovery) need to be evaluated over broad regions of the flight envelope and under extreme(More)
An asymmetrical engine failure in a multi-engine aircraft during flight can pose an immediate threat and lead to a fatal crash if no appropriate corrective action is taken in time. Although almost all pilots are trained to follow a protocol to manually mitigate the crisis, asymmetrical engine failure still remains as one of the main precursors leading to(More)