Christine Müller

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Species extinctions pose serious threats to the functioning of ecological communities worldwide. We used two qualitative and quantitative pollination networks to simulate extinction patterns following three removal scenarios: random removal and systematic removal of the strongest and weakest interactors. We accounted for pollinator behaviour by including(More)
Symbiotic microorganisms that live intimately associated with terrestrial plants affect both the quantity and quality of resources, and thus the energy supply to consumer populations at higher levels in the food chain. Empirical evidence on resource limitation of food webs points to primary productivity as a major determinant of consumer abundance and(More)
Notations are central for understanding mathematical discourse. Readers would like to read notations that transport the meaning well and prefer notations that are familiar to them. Therefore, authors optimize the choice of notations with respect to these two criteria, while at the same time trying to remain consistent over the document and their own prior(More)
In this paper we explore the use of documents as interfaces to mathematical knowledge. We propose an augmented document model that facilitates the explication of a document's notation context, i.e. the selection of appropriate presentations for all symbols in the document. By separating the notation context from the structure and content of a document, we(More)
The consequences of plant species loss are rarely assessed in a multi-trophic context and especially effects on life-history traits of organisms at higher trophic levels have remained largely unstudied. We used a grassland biodiversity experiment and measured the effects of two components of plant diversity, plant species richness and the presence of(More)
BACKGROUND The Janzen-Connell model states that plant-specific natural enemies may have a disproportionately large negative effect on progeny close to maternal trees. The majority of experimental and theoretical studies addressing the Janzen-Connell model have explored how it can explain existing patterns of species diversity in tropical mainland areas.(More)
This paper introduces panta rhei, an interactive and collaborative community reader, which integrates narrative structures into arbitrary materials while at the same time facilitating readers to challenge, discuss , and rate the presented information. Three case study are provided to describe the functionality of the system, each of them illustrating(More)