Christine Müller

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Notations are central for understanding mathematical discourse. Readers would like to read notations that transport the meaning well and prefer notations that are familiar to them. Therefore, authors optimize the choice of notations with respect to these two criteria, while at the same time trying to remain consistent over the document and their own prior(More)
In this paper we explore the use of documents as interfaces to mathematical knowledge. We propose an augmented document model that facilitates the explication of a document's notation context, i.e. the selection of appropriate presentations for all symbols in the document. By separating the notation context from the structure and content of a document, we(More)
Nursing home quality indicators have been developed over the past 10 years to quantify nursing home quality and to draw systematic comparisons between facilities. Although these indicators have been applied widely for nursing home regulation, quality improvement, and public reporting, researchers and stakeholders have raised concerns about their accuracy(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between nursing home staffing level, care received by individual residents, and resident quality-related care processes and functional outcomes. DESIGN AND METHODS Nurses recorded resident care time for 5,314 residents on 156 units in 105 facilities in four states (Colorado, Indiana,(More)
This paper introduces panta rhei, an interactive and collaborative community reader, which integrates narrative structures into arbitrary materials while at the same time facilitating readers to challenge, discuss , and rate the presented information. Three case study are provided to describe the functionality of the system, each of them illustrating(More)
A good proof is a proof that makes us wiser. Abstract. Hilbert's concept of formal proof is an ideal of rigour for mathematics which has important applications in mathematical logic, but seems irrelevant for the practice of mathematics. The advent, in the last twenty years, of proof assistants was followed by an impressive record of deep mathematical(More)