Christine Larroque

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This paper describes the structure and contents of EC301, a standardized testing battery for the evaluation of brain-damaged adults in the area of calculation and number processing. The battery was administered to 180 normal subjects stratified by education (3 levels), age (3) and gender. EC301 is composed of a large variety of tasks dealing with basic(More)
Using anatomical and functional magnetic resonance imaging, we studied the pattern of brain lateralization during spoken and written language tasks, in an 11-year-old girl who underwent a left occipitotemporal resection for a Sturge-Weber angioma at the age of 4 years, that is, after the development of speech but before the acquisition of reading. We(More)
We recently reported on the over-expression of a new gene, colonic and hepatic tumor over-expressed gene (ch-TOG) in human hepatomas and colonic tumors. Although ubiquitous in healthy tissues, its expression was found to be particularly elevated in the brain. In the present study, we demonstrate the expression of ch-TOG mRNA in human brain tumors as well as(More)
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